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How To Have Fresh Air At Home And Prevent Children Climb Out Of Window?

  • Author:balance
  • Source:www.homecommoditysupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-11-18
How To Have Fresh Air At Home And Prevent Children Climb Out Of Window?

Accident can happen to every family easily if there is no good safety protection at home. The importance of child safety cannot be overemphasised, awareness of child safety must be improved!

Two days ago, in Guangzhou, China, a parent left their children alone at home. The parents had no idea how dangerous it was, their child climbed out of the window and fell from sixth floor.
( http://bendi.news.163.com/guangdong/17/1118/09/D3GVOOVR04178D6J.html)

It is parents’ duty to take good care of their children and provide a safe environment, every parent must have safety consciousness and knowledge of safety products. If parents want fresh air at home, they have to open the windows or doors, but their children can climb out of window or go out of the door! How to solve this problem?

Balance’s Baby safety window locks can be a good solution!

With Balance’s window/door lock, windows and doors can open 5-20cm only, it can lock the windows and doors in position, not only you will have fresh air into the house, but also prevent children climb out of the window or leave the house without permission ( a child can not pass the window/door after you lock it ). It is a very good product for children and safety !