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Trade assurance colorful puppy ID band, pet dog collar

  • Author:Balance
  • Source:www.homecommoditysupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-08-12
Trade assurance colorful puppy ID band, pet dog collar

Plant ties, help protect those precious stems and prevent breakage, an easy way to train vines or support plants.
No knots required. Plant ties wrap around your plant and back onto themselves for a secure self-gripping hold.
Furniture, car, packing cable of electronic devices and accessories, garden, camping, office, school, houshold, industry, hospital and so on.

  1)Cable ties make it easy to organize and route cables.
  2)Now you can add cables quickly without tools!
  3)No sticky adhesives like tape.
  4)No need to remove ties with wire cutters like zip ties.
  5)Easily adjustable, reusable hook & loop ties take control of computer and electronics cord clutter.
Applications include cord & cable management, wire-harnesses, inventory control, fibre optics, packaging, in-plant

Whelping Puppy ID Collar Bands