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The Hidden Functions of Elastic Straps

2023-08-30 17:04:29

The Hidden Functions of Elastic Straps

In our lives, the elastic straps can be seen everywhere, and many products can not be separated from elastic straps, but it is converted into another final product as one of the product materials.


As household supplies, the elastic strap will form a multi-functional strap through buckle, which can be used to bundle and tidy household items; the extended version of the elastic strap (Couch Blocker Elastic Loop Tape)can be used to install on the bottom of the sofa, bed, TV cabinet, which can prevent pets and toys from getting into the bottom of these large furniture, which can be easy to find the items and find your beloved pets.

As garment materials, the elastic straps can be sewn onto the ends of trousers and sleeves to prevent wind leakage and keep you warm.


As nursing aid, the elastic straps can be added to lumbar protectors to help correct scoliosis; when the leg is sprained, it can be used to fix joints; and used in tourniquets, they can stop bleeding, etc.


As beauty Supplies, the elastic straps can be made into many V-face shaping products, which helps to slim the face; and made into a waist shaping belt can slim the waist to become slim, etc.


As fitness appliance, it can be made into an elastic belt, which helps to shape the whole body line; make wrist guards to prevent wrist sprains when lifting dumbbells and pulling exercises, etc.

The simple elastic strap plays an important role in our life. The above description is the most common use of elastic straps in our daily life. Let's continue to discover more functions of elastic straps!