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Corner Protector - Keeping Babies Safe

2023-09-21 16:20:56

Corner Protector - Keeping Babies Safe



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Keeping children safe is an important responsibility of parents.


As we all know, babies start to learn to climb and walk when they are one year old. Therefore, in this learning process, even with parents 24 hours care will inevitably be bumped into the situation, after all, the babies at this time are active, naughty, curious about all new things. So in order to reduce the occurrence of these conditions, it is inevitable that the corner of the furniture, the corner of the table these sharp objects to start, that of course at this time need to use the corner of the baby security products.  Don't underestimate the corner protector, not only can prevent the child's head and knees hit in the table corner injury, and non-toxic harmless, the product through the professional authorities of RoHs certification, BPA free certification and fluorescent whitening agent test certification. This product is soft and high quality, which made of safe PVC material, various specifications are available. Parents buy with confidence and peace of mind! As China furniture Corner Protector suppliers, our vision is that good product quality can bring good experience to customers.